Quality Assurance Program

E. Stanek Electric strictly adheres to all regulatory codes, National Electrical Code, and industry standards.

Our team has extensive experience working respectfully and professionally with inspectors in a variety of construction settings, including the medical field, since 1975.

We have policies in place holding personnel, subcontractors, and suppliers accountable for compliance to all national standards, and state regulations.

E. Stanek Electric has 3 Phases of inspection within the company.

  • Preparatory Meetings – held by the Project Manager to coordinate how project work will be performed and controlled. Expectations for the project quality results are reviewed.
  • Initial Inspections
  • Follow-Up Inspections

Quality Control Testing and Verifications are performed prior to completing a project to assure that all testing requirements are performed in accordance with design documents and prior to a Final Inspection.

Quality Management

The Field Superintendent acts as the on-site quality manager. They ensure that work processes are controlled to assure that the project’s specified requirements are met, including, but not limited to:
– Manufacturer’s installation instructions
Procedures for carrying out process steps
Acceptability criteria for workmanship, tools, techniques, and methods to be used to achieve specified requirements
Review of integrated documents that collectively define quality requirements. Including, but limited to, shop drawings, submittals, subcontractor requirements, required quality inspections, and tests
Preparation for site inspection by assessing completion of required prior work, verifying field measurements, verifying code standards, identifying and correction of non-compliance or potential problems

We ensure that all materials will be delivered, stored, and handled in a manner that protects them from damage.