Safety Tips For Your Business: Why You Should Update Your Fire Alarm

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The fire alarm system in your business isn’t something you think about every day. But really, why would you? You trust your system will continue to do its job, keeping your employees and your building safe. Right now, it may be long overdue for an update.

Old and Obsolete

Every year that passes, your fire alarm system gets a little older, a little outdated. Technology changes fast, even in fire alarms. Old systems become obsolete, components break and then there’s old wires and ground faults which can cause malfunctions. Keeping current with updates can prevent future issues.

Keeping Up with Demand

Is your business exactly the same today as it was when you first opened your doors? Chances are it has changed. Expansion, rearranging storage and work spaces – you’ve constantly been evolving. Your fire alarm system may not be covering some areas as well as it should. Also, take into consideration the year of your building. What was it originally used for? You’re going to want to make sure each area of your building is up to code with the appropriate coverage for your business.


New Technology, Improved Safety and Efficiency

There’s a variety of options on the market that will improve the safety and efficiency of your current system. It may only require an upgrade or you could be due for a replacement. The technology of these systems have evolved and continue to do so. It’s possible to integrate sensors and signals with other control systems in your building, which you can monitor via apps and devices. That’s safety and security, made easy.


Questions about Your Fire Alarm System? Contact E. Stanek Electric

From office buildings buzzing with activity to machine shops firing on all cylinders, protect your people and your investments with an up to date fire alarm system. For an inspection of your current system or to find out where improvements can be made, contact E. Stanek Electric. Our trained and certified technicians have years of experience with helping businesses in La Crosse, WI and the surrounding area. To learn more about updating your fire alarm system or to request a quote, connect with us or call 1-608-782-0433 today.

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