Signs Your Business Needs Electrical Repairs

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What’s your company’s electrical system like? Is it old and worn? Does it frequently cause problems? Does it lead to unnaturally high electric bills? There’s a good chance it may need repairs. Here are a few signs to look for.

The Lights Are Flickering

If the lights in your building frequently flicker, or get dimmer periodically, it’s a fairly sure sign that you’re having electrical problems. If it’s limited to just one bulb or light fixture, then that fixture is probably the only one with a problem. However, if it happens with multiple fixtures all over the building, you’ll need more extensive repairs.

Flickering lights can cause a number of problems. Not only do they increase your electric bill, they can also cause headaches and vision problems in your employees. They’re also annoying and distracting, which can decrease productivity and lower employee morale. Call your electrician and get this problem taken care of as soon as possible.


The Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

When your circuit breaker trips, it’s usually a sign that someone tried to run too many electrical appliances in the same place at the same time. However, if it keeps happening—particularly if you’re being careful about your electrical usage—then your electrical system is likely having problems.

A component in the breaker box might be faulty, or there might be wiring issues causing it to overload when it shouldn’t. In any event, call your electrician to determine the problem and get your system running smoothly again.


The Outlets Are Brown or Charred

Do you see burn or char marks on the outside of an electrical outlet? Does it feel warm or hot to the touch? The outlet is likely worn out or broken. At the very least, it needs maintenance, if not a complete replacement. There may also be a higher level of current running through it than there should be, or the wiring might be mismatched. Whatever the issue, it can be dangerous and a fire hazard if left unchecked, so call your electrician to take care of it.


There Are Sparks When You Plug or Unplug Appliances

This can be a completely innocuous issue. Certain items, particularly those that use more energy, may cause a tiny spark as they start drawing power from the system. However, sparks may also represent a more dangerous issue. They’re also a symptom of too much heat building up in your outlets. Over time, they can cause the insulation over your wires to melt, resulting in an electrical fire. If you notice sparks regularly, call a professional to have them checked out right away.


Your Building Is Old

If you’re based in an older building, then the electrical system is likely getting older too. It needs regular checkups and maintenance to make sure it’s running properly, and to make sure the wiring and other components aren’t on the verge of wearing out. If they DO wear out, it can cause electrical fires and other problems.

Have your electrician test your building’s electrical system and make sure it can safely support the amount of power you’re using. These regular maintenance checks can also help your system run more efficiently, saving you power and lowering your energy bills.


Electrical problems are no joke. If you notice a problem, even if you’re not sure what it is, it’s best to call your electrician and let them take a look. If left unchecked, minor issues can quickly turn into more serious problems—with dangerous consequences.

However, with vigilance and regular maintenance on your electrical system, your business can continue to operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely, for decades to come. Contact us at E. Stanek Electric today if you need help with your business’ electric work.

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