Does Your Business Need a Back-Up Generator?

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Tornado season is coming to the Midwest, and that means potential power outages could be on their way as well. While some storms amount to little more than noisy thunder, others can knock out power for homes and businesses. Power outages can also occur suddenly and without warning, such as when a transformer blows out.

There is no doubt that power outages are inconvenient for individuals and families, but they can be disastrous for a business. No electricity means no computers or cash registers can operate. Food companies could lose thousands of dollars in inventory within hours with no way to keep products from spoiling. These are just a few of the things that could go wrong when a company loses power suddenly or after a storm.

Should Your Business Invest in a Backup Generator?

Also known as a standby generator, a backup generator operates on liquid propane or natural gas. Backup generators attach to the existing gas line. The design of a standby generator allows it to take over the production of power immediately when the main power supply experiences a disruption. The average time it takes for a backup generator to kick in during a power outage is 30 seconds.

You will need to hire an experienced electrician to install a backup generator should you choose to invest in one for your business. The reason you should not attempt installation yourself is that people typically do not understand how to locate the transfer switch where the standby generator needs to go. You do not need to take any actions once an electrician has installed your backup generator since it starts working automatically in the event of a power outage.

Backup Generator Compared to Portable Generator

Purchasing a portable generator is another option you have to protect your business during a power outage. Keep in mind that you will need to hook it up manually by using extension cords. You will also need to pour gasoline into the portable generator before it starts working, which means you need to store flammable liquid onsite. Pouring gasoline in the dark when your power is out also presents a challenge.

Compared to a backup generator that can provide power to your entire facility, a portable generator only has the capacity to power a few appliances at a time. Although a portable generator is a more cost-effective option, it is important to consider how well it would serve your business should the power go out.

Property Managers Could Benefit from Standby Generators the Most

If you rent residential or commercial space to another party, informing them that you have a backup generator could be a strong selling point. After all, no one wants to deal with the hassle of losing power. Knowing that you have taken the extra step of ensuring minimal disruption in case of a power outage can provide your tenants with valuable peace of mind and give them a more favorable impression of your rental company.

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