The Importance of Proper Outdoor Commercial Lighting

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If your commercial building only has a single light above each doorway, you’re in dire need of an upgrade. Upscale modern buildings have fixtures all around that light up the night and improve the look of their commercial space. To achieve that aesthetic, you must dial in your lighting to meet the needs of your property, employees, and everyone who comes by for a visit. When you do that, you can benefit in all of the following ways.

Show a Commitment to Safety

Your commercial building needs bright lights in all the right places to keep all visitors safe as they walk from the parking lot to the building and back again. Without the right level of lighting, they could meander off the path or even fail to see stairways coming up, causing a serious fall. Adequate lighting also helps people simply feel confident as they walk on your property and shows that you’re committed to their safety and wellbeing.

Increase Building Security

Danger often hides in the shadows. So, why not illuminate every corner of your property to improve its security in virtually every way? Without the cover of darkness, potential intruders will likely feel much less confident attempting to break into your building or the cars in your parking lot. This can reduce the amount of crime that occurs on your property, protecting your investment and your insurance rates.

Make Life Easier on Employees

When your employees have to take out the trash at night or complete other outdoor tasks after dark, they will greatly appreciate your commitment to putting in the right level of lighting. The lights will lead their way and facilitate the task at hand, allowing them to get on with the job without delay. Beyond that, the illuminated pathways can help protect them from injuries and help them feel much safer on the job.

Improve Curb Appeal

Proper outdoor commercial lighting can greatly improve the curb appeal of your property and help increase its perceived value. As you install bright lighting in all the key areas, your property will look more professional and better cared for in an instant. If you go to sell your property in the future, your lighting investment can greatly pay off by increasing buyer interest and driving up the price.

You have many outdoor commercial light options to consider when it comes time to upgrade. You can go with basic floodlights, pathway lights, and the like or embrace the power of modern technology with elaborate smart lighting systems. Since there are so many great options on the market today, the sky is the limit in how you want to equip your commercial property with outdoor lights.


If you’re ready to improve your commercial lighting, allow our team at E. Stanek Electric help you out. Just give us a call at 608-782-0433 to let us know about your lighting needs, and we will help you find the perfect upgrades for your property. We can even upgrade your electrical system to better handle the extra outdoor lights and other smart upgrades.


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