Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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You’re beginning to see electric vehicle charging stations pop up everywhere. At E. Stanek Electric, we’ve sure noticed them. Makes sense since you see more and more electric vehicles on the road. Those drivers have to get their cars charged somewhere.

If you’ve been thinking about installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, there are a few things you should know. For business owners, EV charging stations can attract new customers and show that your company is environmentally responsible. For electric car owners, charging at home can be convenient, but having public charging options is important for long distance travel. And for municipalities, installing EV charging infrastructure can help reduce emissions and promote sustainable transportation. Here are some things to know about EV charging stations.

Parking spaces for electric vehicle charging stationsWhy install an EV charging station
Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station can be a great way to show customers, employees, and the community that you are committed to sustainability. Commercial electrical installation in La Crosse, Vernon County and beyond is key in installing an EV charging station correctly and up to code so that your station will remain safe and functional for years to come. Aside from being a good PR move, installing an EV charging station can attract new customers who may not yet own an electric car, but are intrigued by their environmental friendliness. Installing a charging station also ensures your business remains competitive in the marketplace by responding to customer demand for eco-friendly energy sources.

How to find the right location for your EV charging station
If you’re looking to install an EV charging station at your business, let an experienced commercial electrical installation specialist like E. Stanek Electric help you figure out the best spot to place the station. We’ll evaluate your space, check for the components needed for installation, and ascertain whether any modifications or additional materials are needed. Plus, our technicians have the expertise and experience to properly install the charging station – a key factor in successful operation of the unit.

Electric vehicle chargingWhy you should use an electrician for installation
Commercial electrical installation can be a tricky business. Attempting to do it yourself could result in costly mistakes, or worse – hazardous conditions. Engaging the services of an experienced electrician will ensure any electrical wiring is done properly and safely. Not only will electrical work be done correctly and efficiently, but a professional electrician will have the expertise and tools needed to identify potential problems that a novice would likely miss. We feel an electric vehicle charging station is one of those things best handled by a professional. From Vernon County to La Crosse County and beyond, we’re here to help you reap the benefits of having safe and reliable power running through your business premises!

FAQs about EV charging stations
EV charging stations are a great way to charge up electric vehicles, but they can be confusing. From understanding the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers to deciphering the cost of charging an EV, we’ve put together some common questions and answers to help you navigate the world of EV charging stations. Plenty of resources are available online to look out for: checking reviews, asking friends, or even researching specific makes and models before deciding on a charger. While it may not be easy to find the right recharge station at first, with the right information, you, your employees and your customers will eventually be cruising up and down the highway fuel free.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced electrician to install your EV charging station, E. Stanek Electric is here to help in La Crosse County, Vernon County and beyond. We have extensive experience in commercial electrical installation and can get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can start using your charging station as soon as possible. Questions? Feel free to connect with us or call us at 1-608-782-0433.

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