5 Ways to Keep Your Business Prepared for Power Outages

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Power outages happen. They seem to be occurring at an increasing rate in many areas across the U.S. Here in the Midwest, it’s usually weather related, but you never know when an outage may occur. When it does, an outage can be anything from a minor inconvenience to complete disaster for your business. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when an outage will occur. Here are 5 ways you can keep your business prepared for the next unexpected power outage.


1. Assess What’s Important

Sure, most people will say it’s all important, but there are some aspects of your business that may be more vital than others. Specifically, those elements that require electricity. Identify those parts of your business.


2. Put Together a Plan

Now that you’ve identified what needs power to keep your business going, put together a plan of action based on the amount of time you’ll be without electricity. You may be able to operate to some degree without power, but for how long? What will happen if you need to close for an extended period of time? It’s good to have a plan.


3. Talk to Your Employees

Now that you have a plan in place, make sure your employees know what to do. You can’t be at your business 24/7, though sometimes, it may feel like you are. For those times you’re away, make sure others know what to do. If you can’t reach your people by phone, knowing someone is taking care of what needs to be done will be a load off your mind.


4. Review Your Insurance

You may not know all the ins and outs of your insurance policy. It’s good to check in with your agent about those what ifs. There’s a chance they’ve heard it all, so when it comes to questions regarding planned and unplanned power outages, ask away. It’s what they’re there for.


5. Look into Back-up Power Sources

Generators and batteries can help keep your business going when it matters most. If you’re curious about what a generator can do for your business, talk to E. Stanek Electric. We’re more than happy to drop by and evaluate your business.

We hope these tips get you thinking of what you can do before a power outage happens. For advice and recommendations on how to keep the electricity flowing to your business, feel free to connect with us or call us at 1-608-782-0433. Our trained and certified technicians have been helping businesses just like yours in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area for years. Before the storm comes and the lights go out, let us help keep your business on.

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