5 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Energy Costs

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Who doesn’t like saving money? If you run a business you’re well aware of the costs associated with energy use. Some businesses have lights, computers, machinery and equipment running around the clock out of necessity. Others may have that because someone forgot to flip a switch.

You may think of us only as electrical contractors, but like you, we run a business. And of course, we have energy costs to contend with. Contrary to what you may have heard, there’s no getting away from a utility bill, even for electrical contractors.

So while companies have different circumstances on how much energy they use and what it’s used for, there are always simple ways to reduce energy costs. We’re going to dive into 5 of them. While each may seem tiny, in the long run they can add up.

Here are 5 ways your business can reduce energy costs.

1 – Efficient Lighting And Controls
Switching to energy efficient lighting is one step many have already taken. CFLs and LEDs typically use less energy and last longer, but don’t stop there. Look into installing automated controls such as motion sensors that will turn the lights on when the room is in use. No more wondering “did I shut the light off when I left?” because it turns off by itself.



2 – Programmable Thermostat
Set it and forget it. It’s really that easy with a programmable thermostat. Program it to a lower temp when your building is empty, set it at a comfortable temp when people are there. Additionally, lowering the temp by one degree during the cold months and increasing one degree in the summer can cut power usage up to 10%. Now those are savings that can keep you comfy.

3 – Turn Off Equipment Not In Use
Again, it seems simple but it’s often overlooked. Office equipment, the coffee maker, the microwave – they all use energy even when they’re plugged in but not in use. Unplugging non-essential equipment and lighting on weekends and hours that your building is vacant can help reduce costs. Laptops and computers are a drain too. Using the hibernation mode can reduce energy usage for those devices. Look into power strips as a way to avoid the hassle of unplugging multiple cords at once with the flip of a switch.

4 – Get an Energy Audit
Reach out to a professional energy auditor or energy audit company for an in-depth overview of your current energy usage. From there you’ll learn where energy saving opportunities exist and which upgrades make the most sense to save you the most money. Check with local utility companies to see if they offer free energy audit programs or if they have recommendations on who to contact.

5 – Upgrade Your Equipment and Appliances
Is your refrigerator running? Well, if it’s running and it’s old, it could be costing you money. It may be time to upgrade to energy efficient equipment and appliances. Energy efficient heaters and air conditioners can save you bundles since older set ups need more power to produce the desired output. Look for Energy Star products and check for available local and state rebates and tax incentives for the bigger buys.

We hope you found at least one of these ideas helpful. If we can help your business save money while solving a problem, that’s a win in our book.When your business needs electrical work for new construction or a complete remodel, connect with us or call us at 1-608-782-0433. Our trained and certified technicians have been helping businesses just like yours in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area and beyond for generations.



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