Does Your Building Need an Electrical Service Upgrade?

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Upgrades and updates are a part of every business, this includes the electrical service upgrade your building may need. Just like machinery and equipment can become old, outdated and inefficient, so can the electrical components in your building.  

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 That’s why upkeep is critical. Maintenance and upgrades not only help ensure you’re up to code, it can also keep your operation efficient and hazard-free. Cutting corners and neglecting problematic electrical components can not only ruin costly equipment, it’s also a major safety hazard and could cause electrical fires. 

So how can you tell when you’re in need of an electrical service upgrade? One way is to ask an experienced commercial electrical contractor like E. Stanek Electric. Then again, we get it, you’re busy. Since you and your people know your business the best, there are a few signs to look for that could be a possible tip-off that you’re in need of an electrical service upgrade. 

Lighting Issues 

When you flip on certain appliances or machinery, do your lights ever flicker or completely go out before returning to normal? If they do, that could be a sign you need an electrical upgrade. 

Tripping Breakers 

We’ve all been there before at one point or another. You turn on something electrical and suddenly everything turns off. Next thing you know you’re having to flip the breaker so you can get back to what you were doing. If you’re running multiple electrical appliances and your breakers are frequently tripping, chances are an upgrade is needed. 

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Sudden Shut-offs 

Your old piece of equipment was routinely shutting down while in use, so you went out and bought a new replacement. Still, you were having the same issue. That’s a sign it’s an electrical upgrade issue. The last thing you want is to replace expensive equipment or machinery when it’s unnecessary. 

Damaged Equipment 

How is your electrical panel looking? It could be damaged for any number of reasons like extreme weather, corrosion, melted wires or insulation, even rodents who found their way inside and decided mechanicals were on the menu. Any of these conditions could pose future problems and should be taken care of immediately. 

Insufficient Outlets 

Bigger, newer equipment needs more juice to run. With so many old buildings in the area wired for lower electrical demands, you may not be set up to run safely. It’s typical to find 60 to 120 amp systems, but to run safely and efficiently, it’s smart to get a minimum 200 amp capacity for small workshops or commercial setups. 

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New Equipment 

So you’re thinking of upgrading a piece of equipment or your building’s HVAC system. This could add enough additional electrical consumption that you may need to take a closer look at your existing electrical system. The last thing you want is a mismatch in capacity and consumption which could cause malfunction or electrical fires. 

 Thinking you may be in need of an electrical service upgrade? Let us take a look. At E. Stanek Electric, we want to help keep your people and your business safe while keeping you up to code. We’re confident we can find the right solution to any commercial electrical problem. 

No matter if your building is historic or a more recent build, we’ll get you the electrical service upgrades you need. Connect with us or call us at 1-608-782-0433. Our trained and certified technicians have been helping businesses just like yours in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area for generations. Let’s make that electrical service upgrade happen.

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